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If you are aged 15+, you can apply to be a volunteer buddy at Disable the Difference!

Your Role.

You can apply to be a recreational buddy, tutor, or both! See below for more information about our two programs. To apply, click on the Apply Now! You can apply for one or both of the programs using the same form. We have volunteer recruitment every 4 months, so we encourage applicants to apply by the deadline April 5th, 2023. The application process involves a written application, interview, and training session. Your time commitment would be 1-2 hours a week for at least 4 months, though we encourage a 1-year commitment.

Two of a Kind Virtual Buddy Program

The Two of a Kind Recreational Virtual Buddy Program is a free program that aims to close the distance that many of us are experiencing during the pandemic, particularly for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We want to increase support for youth with disabilities and their families, providing them with online opportunities to interact with others, receive mentorship, and have fun virtually! You and your buddy would have a virtual meeting for approximately 1-2 hours/week where you would organize and facilitate a variety of activities: arts and crafts, reading, movie nights, online games, or simply just chatting to your new buddy! Various group activities will also be available for you and your buddy to virtually meet and interact with other volunteers and buddies!

Virtual Tutoring Program

The Virtual Tutoring Program is a free program that aims to provide virtual academic tutoring and support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


You and your buddy would have a virtual meeting for 1-2 hours/week where you will help your buddy with their school work, or on particular subjects they require tutoring in. You may also be required to prepare lesson plans for a specific subject and teach your buddy new topics in the Languages, Math, Science, and Social Studies. You will also have access to our tutoring resources database with resources and funds to support accessible tutoring for your buddy.

About Our Volunteers

All of our volunteers have been selected via a rigorous written application and face-to-face interview process. All of our volunteers have received virtual training, ensuring they have the skills and experience to be a responsible volunteer. Every volunteer above the age of 18 is required to submit a background check from their local police station to ensure their eligibility to work with the vulnerable sector (elders, children, individuals with disabilities). 

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